Fish — Aquaculture — Measurement


Approved Activities Category
Non-Invasive measurement of:
• Body weight 2
• Growth  2
• Body proportions  2
Sedation of fish  5
Tagging of fish  5

In order to carry out husbandry operations and/or take measurements, fish should be sedated using a water dispersible liquid anaesthetic, Aqui-S. Appropriate dose rates will be determined by the species of fish, temperature and type of activity that is to be carried out and should be calculated accordingly, using the advice provided by the manufacturer.


Note: Sedation and tagging are category 5 activities. Before a teacher demonstrates a category 5 activity to students, the teacher must have written certification from the SACEC. Certification is sought using Application form 4
Category 4 and 5 activities may be undertaken by students only if prior written approval from the SACEC has been obtained using Application form 1