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Animal welfare resources

The resources presented this section have been designed for use by teachers in NSW schools. Teachers may choose to use them as they are presented or alternatively to adapt them to suit their own students or particular context.

The activities may be completed either as group work or by individuals, they may be printed and provided to students to work on or may be completed electronically. Teachers will need to make their own judgement about how best they can be used based on the skills and knowledge of their students.


Australian animal welfare standards and guidelines for sheep

The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Sheep provide the basis for developing and implementing consistent legislation and enforcement across Australia. They reflect available scientific knowledge, current practice and community expectations and apply to all sheep farming enterprises, teaching and research facilities and handling agencies including transport, abattoirs and saleyards.

This teaching resource assists students to investigate the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Sheep and consider how each selected guideline can be applied in practice.

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